Open the exhibition Umbrales in Continua Gallery

By El Apartamento Staff, 21 September 2019

Umbrales, exhibition inaugurated at Continua gallery until November 2019, projects ways to imagine a city and its present. The first provocation for this show was the unfinished book “Arcades Project” by the philosopher Walter Benjamin, which has Paris as stage. The participating artists try to mobilize the boundary between the real and the imaginary. From one door to another, they cross the threshold in order to dialogue with that city once called the Paris of the Caribbean. The group of artists: René Francisco, Carlos Garaicoa, Juan Carlos Alom, Alejandro González, Eduardo Ponjuán, Orestes Hernández and Osvaldo González is distinguished not only by its generational and discursive diversity, but also by the authors' ability to cover a broad spectrum of sensibilities to capture the city architecture. From Garaicoa's possible spaces, where the real merges with fictions that metaphorize issues of civil and political society, the photographs and video of Alejandro González and Alom that contain a closer city as habitable space, to the pieces of Eduardo Ponjuán, Osvaldo González and Orestes Hernández, these last in the sense of the everyday object susceptible of crossing its threshold thanks to art, multiple combinations of the real get generated, combinations that invite you, as the Orestes' fence, to hold illusions.

*(Images taken from Continua Gallery's Facebook)