Víctor Piverno

1989, Pinar del Río, Cuba

Graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in 2014, Piverno develops a work crossed by three fundamental obsessions that he recognizes as follow: "the presence", "the ordinary" and "the involuntary gesture (IG)". From these topics, and attracted by the ways in which they take place in human behavior –in the intimate and social behavior–, has been born his will to focus those areas less attended in the everyday existence of a man. The regular things, the automatic actions: everything that life is in first place. In his work, the searches surpass the detailed scrutiny of thoughts, and are directed, on the contrary, toward the mechanisms that determine the thinking.   

We can see the result of this complex creative universe in series such as " Apuntes del GI ", "PREié" and "Apuntes de retina ", which rescue, to a greater or lesser extent, the deepest significance of memories and the ability of the unconscious for revealing truths about ourselves. All this can be appreciated from different visual languages, including video, drawing, installation and sound presentations.

In spite of his youth, Piverno already counts with several solo shows of solidity. In this regard, projects such as Gritos y susurros –carried out in the Austrian gallery Reinisch Contemporary– and GI (Gesto Involuntario) Primer Accidente: Muerte del Dialéctico –that took place in the Facultad de Artes y Letras de la Universidad de La Habana– stand out. Among the collective exhibitions can be mentioned Open 16, Atelierhaus FOE und OK 9, Germany; La Hora del cuero, Espacio Aglutinador, Cuba; Detrás del Muro and RAM ROM RUN, both side shows to the XII Havana Biennial. His gradual national and foreign recognition has allowed his work to be inserted in private collections of relevance in Cuba, the United States and Venezuela.

Jardín (Garden)


El arquitecto


Untitled, from PREiè series


Untitled, from the series Apuntes del GI (GI Notes)


Consultorio. Room 2. # 23