Luis Enrique López-Chávez

1988, Manzanillo, Cuba.

The work of Luis Enrique López-Chávez (Manzanillo, Cuba, 1988) is an investigation about the imperative of the plastic form and the frictions that it generates by entering in the logical space of the world as an affirmation. From these frictions with the socio-historical context, the language or the art itself emerges its visuality, which is shared between a conceptual methodology and an unconscious pulse, between a philosophical proposition and a poetic image. Graduated from The Royal Institute of Art (2012, Sweden) and the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) (Cuba, 2013), Luis Enrique already has a pathway in contemporary Cuban art. Proof of this is his inclusion as a guest artist to the XII Havana Biennial (2015, Cuba) and his participation at the IV Saloon of Contemporary Art (2014, Cuba). His work has been exhibited in numerous personal and collective exhibitions. Among the most significant are Contra los poetas (2017, Servando Gallery, Cuba), It´s Useless (2016, Museo Droguería Johonson, Cuba) and Los síntomas del engaño (2015, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Cuba). In the case of collective projects, we can name Nido sin árbol (2016, Colegio de Arquitectura de La Habana, Cuba), Por el dos (2014, Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, Cuba), Agua salada (2014, Centro Hispanoamericano de Cultura, Cuba) The Silent Shout: Voices in Cuban Abstraction (2013, ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries, USA), Spring exhibition (2012, The Royal Institute of Art, Sweden), Arte 10/Muestra de Video Arte Cubano (2010, X Lisboa Biennial, Portugal) and Esporas (2010, Pabellón Cuba, Cuba).

Scene #10 (Tokonoma), from the series Offscreen


Cinco minutos de un motivo japonés (Five Minutes of a Japanese Motive)


Scene #1 (The Pause), from the series Offscreen


The end


No. 2 (El cuarto de herramientas). From Series "Gray Chronicles"