jorge & larry

1975 - 1976, Bauta, Cuba - Los Palos, Cuba

The uniqueness of jorge & larry’s work (Jorge M. Hernández, Cuba, 1975 – Larry J. González, Cuba, 1976) emerges, among other things, from their ability for reinventing the creative codes of pop art from the Cuban contextual circumstance. Such adhesion makes possible the development of a discursivity of playful nature, always located in the field of allusions and ciphered stories. In this gesture we discover a manifestly heretical determination towards the local and foreign artistic universe, which crystallizes in provocative pieces of a refined cynicism. jorge & larry use fragmentation for conceiving their creative process, hence the overlapping, quasi palimpsestic, of textual and visual layers within their works. No matter if it is a drawing, video or sculptured object, the notion of collage becomes consubstantial to his works and, therefore, also conditions broken and multidirectional readings. With an exquisite dexterity for the communion of disconnected cultural referents, jorge&larry, again and again, foster the dialogue between the profane and the sacred, the public and intimate life, the imposed and the authentic. In some way –twisted and tremendous– that comes to be their fundamental success: to blur with absolute freshness the line that stands between frivolity and depth. The development of a sustained work has enabled them to present individual exhibitions in two of the main Cuban galleries: La Acacia and Servando ("All over drawing" and "El Martirio de Santa Julita", respectively). Likewise, they have participated in numerous collective projects, among others: "The hours lost", in the Space Artist X Artist, Havana, Cuba; "Inercia", in the gallery of the National Library of Cuba, El Reino de este Mundo; “No sabemos volver solos”, in El Ranchito Matadero, Madrid, Spain and "SANS SERIF", Kesselhaus Bethanien, BBK, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany. Works of their authorship are part of the collection of Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), USA.

Untitled. From "Soft Notes" Series




Untitled, from the series ¿Qué almacenan en esas carpetas las hermanas Olsen? (What do Olsen sisters storages on those files?)


Oración (Prayer, 6 stons and a candle stolen by Jacqueline at Gertrude Stein's grave in Père-Lacaise cemetery, Paris)