Arlés del Río

1975, La Habana

On the basis of my experiences as an individual within society and my reflections about the nature of art, I play with the graphic or conceptual associations of all sorts of social, political and/or cultural phenomena with materials and objects that have been found, which I manipulate, reproduce or reinterpret to embody illusions, utopias, and other issues of an ideological nature, etc.
The space and its context are crucial in my work to generate ideas in specific spots. The dimensions, materials, the media (sculpture, painting, installation, photography, drawing, etc.) are subordinated resources in the representation of these ideas, and they are essential for a functional placing and a direct interaction or dialog between the spectator and my works.

Untitled. From "Resilience" series


From Series "Resiliencia"


Balacera (Shooting)


Untitled. From "Considerable Dimensions" series


Balacera (Shooting)(Detail)